Tamerlane by justin marozzi

This book about  about the 14th century   Muslim  conquer up till now has been an enchanting read. Although i have only been through half of the book but i still would  like  to share   about the great  conquests of this ruthless and mighty king who was called as the lord of “fortunate conjunctions” by his followers. Born  to  a humble background in Shakhrisabz,near  Samarkand, this mighty monarch ruled almost half of the then know world.Traveled thousands  of miles and killing millions of people , razed countless cities to grounds ,through the dust of times the  ghost of Tamerlane still lives on .  One interesting fact about  Tamerlane is that,his great-great-great grandson started the Moughl dynasty  in the subcontinent which ruled it for nearly 300 plus years.contd………….

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